The Paraclete Project
"The Paraclete Project" examined American media history by studying newspapers published in western Wisconsin during the Antebellum Period.

The Paraclete Project

“The Paraclete Project” began as an assignment in 2017 for a course in the digital public humanities graduate certificate program at George Mason University. The project’s aim was to revise the History of Mass Communication course I had been teaching at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. In place of a traditional survey course examining three centuries of American media history, “The Paraclete Project” focused on instilling historical thinking through study of Antebellum newspapers published in western Wisconsin, starting with The Prescott Paraclete. Although the web pages no longer are available, images are preserved here for my own records and for anyone who might find them useful.


Prescott and The Paraclete

“…a venal press”

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